What do I have to pay attention to, before I make a recommendation or cashback?

If you would like to recommend one of our partner shops to a friend or if you want to make a purchase yourself at one of our partner shops using cashback, please check all the details provided in the partner's portal. You'll find all the important information about the reward program with a specific partner there, including the amount of rewards, estimated confirmation time etc. You can also find many details under FAQs. 


1. Our rewards get tracked by using cookies. Therefore, cookies must be allowed in your browser. 

How do I activate cookies?

2. Adblockers have to be deactivated. 

How do I disable adblockers?

3. Don't open any other windows or tabs when ordering through the link from Aklamio. Do not leave any windows open in the background.


Please note: most of our partner shops offer a possibility to create the so-called Support Request for a not registered reward. We send such requests to our partners for a verification. In the event of a rejection of your Support Requests by our partner shop due to the fact that the last cookie was not coming from Aklamio, please understand that we cannot make any further claim to a reward.