How to create a Support Request?

If your reward has not been registered or has been rejected incorrectly, you can create the so-called Support Request. The form must be filled out through the referrer’s account.

1. In order to create a Support Request, please log in to your user account (How to log in?), click on the user's icon in the upper-right corner and then on "Help" and "Create a Support Request" button. 



2. Please select the right reason of your Support Request. 

3. Then select the relevant recommendation or cashback from the list.


Please note that the possibility to create a Support Request for the missing reward starts 24 hours after the order has been placed and lasts up to 3 months following the order date. During the first 24 hours following the order date there is still a possibility that the not tracked reward will be registered automatically on the user account. 


4. Please provide the details associated with your friend's order/your cashback order. 


5. If you have provided all the requested details, please click on "Send support request" button. 


Please remember: 
* Don't create duplicated Support Requests (more than one request for the same case).

* Please fill in all required fields. The order or identification number is necessary. 

* You have 3 months time to create a Support Request:

Under §6 Payment Conditions you can read that:

10. You may submit reward adjustment requests through the applicable option in Your reward account. The request must be made within the time period specified in the respective rewards offer, but in any event no later than within three (3) months following (i) the date of the transaction between the Partner and Customer (or User, respectively) or (ii) the rejection of the reward by Aklamio, as the case may be.


What happens next? You will receive an email confirming creation of your Support Request together with its number. Your Support Request will be sent to the specific partner that will verify your reward. The processing time can vary. In some cases, it can take up to 12 weeks for our partner to process the request. Together with our partners, we're constantly working on optimisation of the processing time. However, we kindly ask you for your understanding that we cannot influence it directly. Due to data protection and privacy concerns, we don't have access to our partner's database. Therefore, we cannot verify the Support Requests by ourselves.

We will notify you as soon as we receive the feedback from our partner. If our partner confirms that all reward conditions have been met, the reward will be registered on your user account. If your reward is rejected, you will be notified about it per email. If you need our assistance, please contact us at


Please note that not all partners accept Support Requests. You can find out which partner doesn't accept Support Requests in the partner's portal.