How does Aklamio work?

Aklamio is an online platform, powering the reward program for many different companies. 

There are two different types of rewards that you can get from our partner shops. The first one is a referral reward and it's connected to your recommendation to a friend. The second one is a cashback reward and it refers to your own purchase. So you can get a reward through Aklamio if you recommend one of our partner shops to a friend or if you shop yourself at one of our partner shops using cashback. Please keep in mind that not all partner shops offer cashback. 

How to get a cashback reward?

How to get a referral reward?

If order has been placed correctly through the link coming from Aklamio, the reward will be registered on the user account as pending. The order/contract associated with the reward has to be verified by the specific partner. If partner confirms your reward, it will be available for payout on your user account.


The summary: