Why has my reward been rejected?

All pending rewards have to be verified and confirmed by our partners. If you feel that your reward has been incorrectly rejected, you can create the so-called Support Request. We will forward your request to our partner and ask for the second verification. How to create a Support Request? If you need our assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at

In which cases will your reward be rejected?

1. Cancellation: If the purchase has been cancelled or the product has been returned.

2. Voucher: If additional vouchers have been used, which weren't authorised by Aklamio.

3. Currency: If purchase was not made in one of the following currencies: EUR, GBP, CHF, USD, AUD, CAD.

4. "Last cookie":
a) Because your browser doesn't support cookies.
b) You have visited different websites in the same browser before making your purchase, which have overwritten the Aklamio cookie.

5. Some other reasons: partner-specific reward conditions have not been met (please check the specific portal). 

Please note: Aklamio reserves the right to cancel rewards, if their collection has been in violation with our terms and conditions.