When will my reward be ready to payout?

Each partner has a specific processing time. You can find the estimated verification time in their portals. We ask you for your understanding that we cannot provide a binding reward confirmation date. We are responsible for the tracking of your recommendation/cashback, however we are dependent on our partners in regard to the confirmation of the rewards. Our partner has to make sure that transaction was successful (order was not cancelled or item was returned). Due to data protection and privacy concerns, we don't have access to our partners' database, so we cannot verify the orders connected with rewards by ourselves. Please note that we have no direct influence on the time that our partner needs to verify the referral. We will of course notify you as soon as we receive the feedback from our partner regarding your reward. 

We kindly inform you that the processing time depends on the activation date, as well as the cancellation period. Verification of the reward can only start after the activation date and if the cancellation period is already over.