Who or what is Aklamio?

Founded in 2011, Aklamio quickly became Europe’s largest recommendation platform. Current studies confirm that up to 50 percent of all purchase decisions are based on word of mouth. This is because the best recommendation for a product are customers who share their positive experience about it. You know best what your friends are looking for. Aklamio makes it easy for you to recommend products and services, and rewards you for every successful referral you make. 

Consciously or not – by sharing, liking and recommending, each of us creates an economic benefit. So why are companies still investing billions of euros to advertise their products primarily through traditional channels such as TV, print and search engines? All while completely neglecting their best marketing channel, namely their customers? Aklamio’s goal is to change this. Our software solutions enable companies to reward their customers’ product recommendations. We call it: "fair-sharing", because we reward the one who deserves it. 

More and more people are using Aklamio as a platform, having a positive product experience and sharing it with their friends. They earn money with their recommendations and become part of Aklamio’s growing fair-sharing community. More and more companies are being won over by fair-sharing technology and want to reward their customers fairly. Over 300 brands have already used recommendation marketing powered by Aklamio.

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